Pet Portraits from Photographs

Pet portraits and animal art gifts. Self-taught artist based in Scotland.

Enjoy a true likeness and everlasting memory of your pet(s) in your home or office by ordering your bespoke pet portrait.

Case Studies

Labrador pet portrait

“Ellie and Millie” 2018 – A3 Graphite.

I like to request a brief description of my pets, especially when I am not fortunate enough to meet them in person. This is Ellie and Millie, two beautiful Labradors. You can see the comparison of their photos with my drawing.

The client requested the pet portrait to be professionally framed as it was an special birthday gift.

Cavapoo pet portrait - Bonnie

“Bonnie” 2018 – 30x40cm Pastel Pencils and Ink Background.

​Meet Bonnie, the beautiful Cavapoo I had the privilege of drawing. 

​Description: Very playful and barks until you throw her the ball.

Given my excitement when I first saw this photograph, I had a clear vision and saw huge potential. Evidently, this wasn’t the clearest of photographs to work from due to the light and movement decreasing it’s sharpness. However, we believed it portrayed Bonnie’s character well and I was able to use more detailed photographs for the areas I required. In addition, a splash background using inks matched her colourful and cheerful character. ​

The choice is yours – pet / animal portraits in graphite give a more traditional feel and match well to any room whereas pastel creates a more likeness to real life with multiple layers of colour.

Good quality & high resolution (sharp) photos work best as a reference photo, however, I will require permission to use photos taken by a professional photographer. I also welcome additional photos / videos to help me portray the true character of the animal.