FSC – Sustainability

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FSC – Sustainability

FSC – What does it mean?

We often see the FSC logo on some of the products we buy, but what does it actually mean? FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and they promote the sustainability of our forests to make a difference to the environment and protecting the animals living in these environments.

The good news is that all of my main wood derived materials are FSC certified as well as being professional quality. Below is a list of the materials I use that have been FSC certified or recycled:

  • Faber Castell products including my graphite and heavily used pastel pencils.
  • Hahnemuehle paper used for my prints.
  • Clairefontaine pastelmat paper used for my pastel work.

animal art collage

It brings me great piece of mind that my artwork does not contribute to unsustainable forests and deforestation resulting in ruining animal’s habitats.

We can all do our bit for nature and the environment by making the decision to:

  • Recycle when we can.
  • Buy from companies that help keep the environment sustained.
  • Look out for the logos displayed on the products.


Many animals are becoming extinct due to deforestation from non-sustainable forests.

Animals of Madagascar have been greatly effected. Lemur numbers have plummeted from habitat loss and consequently lemurs have become an endangered species.

Hopefully this blog has made you aware of what FSC means and what to look out for on all materials that are sourced from trees. I am happy to learn that most of materials are from sustainable sources and I am sure you are too.


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