About me – Emma Falconer

Let me tell you more about myself. I am self-taught pet portrait artist based in Perthshire, Scotland, with a passion for horses and all other animals from feathery to furry. Growing up in the North East of England, I adored animals, begging my parents to buy a dog or a horse. We started with a goldfish; accidentally won at a country fair, followed by a Syrian hamster, then I never thought I would say it… a Cocker Spaniel puppy, my best friend!

When career options came along, I left for the more rural life in Scotland to study Zoology. Now, a laboratory technician as my day job, I look forward to the weekends of using my artistic creativity as well as riding my dream horse, Rhia!

To me animals are more than simple existence; they are a huge part of our lives, providing a purpose, much happiness and love. The bond that forms with that special animal can be like no other and lasts a lifetime. Art can really bring an animal to life and is more expressive than a photograph alone.

My aim is to spread my love of animals through my art and brighten up people’s lives as animals have brightened up mine. I create both detailed realistic art and unique contemporary art, believing an art piece should be truly magical. I specialise in animal art and pet portraits and use professional quality materials.

If you are interested in a pet portrait commission of an animal that means a lot to you or would like a print of any of my existing work please contact me. Many thanks to all the people who recognise and support my talent; both past and present, empowering me to go on.


What do you love the most about your job?

The reactions I receive when people see or receive my art  is the best feeling. I love learning about people’s pets, seeing photos and if I am lucky enough, meeting them!

I am always interested in seeing clients’ chosen frame(s) and where they are positioned in their home.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always wanted to share my art with the world and make moments of their life brighter through having my art on their wall.

Animals mean so much to me and after finishing my Zoology degree and owning my dream horse, Rhia, my best friend; she inspired and gave me the confidence to start my own business.

Why should people choose you?

I offer both realistic and unique animal art, always welcoming new ideas and requests.

Customers are fully updated during the pet portrait process and their happiness is my top priority. I am renowned for capturing the true personality of an animal.

Prices are competitive. Artwork is to a high professional standard with long-lasting materials and sustainably sourced where possible.